Everyone's Wedding But Mine

Tales of a (formerly) unmarried wedding hopper

Brides & Grooms March 3, 2010

Reference point for all the weddings I’ll be commenting on throughout the year…

Future Mr & Mrs D– I met Mr D in college. We had a rough start because of a relationship I was in that conflicted with our friendship but by junior year we were inseparable, taking communication classes together and performing in talent shows (although, when I look back now, we SUCKED.) Our friendship continued beyond our college years and will forever more :-). He met the lovable and lovely future Mrs D via his sister back in, umm, I forget, but it’s been YEARS. They are set to marry July 10th in Puerto Rico.

Future Mr & Mrs H – I met them both in grammar school. She was my bestest buddy ever (still is) and he was the first love of my life (when I was 6.) When he moved away from NY, I kept in touch but they lost touch. About fifteen years later, I helped reunite them on a trip to Florida (where he now lived.) They hit it off from that first night and have been together for 5+ years, getting July ’09. Yes, they owe me =-) They are getting married on October 2nd in Florida.

Future Mr & Mrs C– I met the future Mrs C via an online bookclub back in… 2005? 2006? It wasn’t until 2007 that we met in person, possibly because I started to date someone she had known for a lifetime, but I still think we would have become great friends regardless. Through several double dates I also came to know the funny and gossipy Mr C (who sometimes gives me better advice than she does.) They were engaged in the summer of 2008 and are set to marry April 2011 (the end of my journey with this blog.)


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