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The Day the World Stood Still September 10, 2013

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On April 19, 2013, something unbelievable happened. Pigs didn’t fly (although odds are they should have), but I did get engaged.

Yep, me – the “always a bridesmaid, never really wanted to be a bride” girl.

I’m not sure who was more surprised, me or the swarm of people who were convinced I’d joined the ranks of forever singledom like the godfather, George Clooney. However,  the one thing I didn’t possess the night I stood in Fort Tryon park looking at the love of my life as he balanced on one knee, was doubt. Actually, it was as if I’d never been clearer about anything else in my life.

So how does one provoke such a dramatic change, you ask? Only God may know the inner workings of the human heart…but what I can do is tell you my story…

I was always the “old soul” dispensing wisdom far beyond my years. I could give the best advice and direction to those in need, except when the one in need was myself. I made the kind of romantic choices that led to gut-wrenching sobs and declarations like “To hell with love, I’m going to join the Peace Corps!” I was a lovelorn mess… Do you know the best thing about a mess? The satisfaction of the cleanup.

Sure, walking into a kitchen that just underwent an all-night bender can scare the living crap out of your mop, but in the end, how great does it feel when that floor is sparkling and looking like new? That’s how I feel now; my love life having been the floor and my fiance being the mop. The glistening tile as bright as our future. (Am I making you gag with these metaphors yet?)

The irony is that I needed my floor  my life to get to that degree of messy in order to appreciate the mop my fiance for his true worth. I regret nothing I’ve been through, the hard lessons I’ve learned or the previous loves I experienced. They were just part of the journey I needed to take. And I think the most important thing to have dawned on me when I fell in love with Matt was that being in love with him was only a portion of what mattered in the long run. I needed to not just love someone, but to trust them wholeheartedly. To know they’d be my partner through thick and thin. That they share my goals and can introduce me to new ones. That they feel about me the way I feel about them.

And when that realization hit, I knew I was looking into the eyes of the man I would spend the rest of my life with….

So that’s the story of how the name of my blog became incredibly ironic… I am now in fact planning my own wedding. Go figure…

Cheers to new adventures 🙂

IMG_9908                                                                                                    (Photo by Judie Ann Photography)


The Soundtrack of My [love] Life September 5, 2012

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There is something to be said about music and its ability to bring us back to a great memory, or maybe even a time we’d like to forget. I have a playlist on my iPod for just this reason. There have been some new additions to it lately and it made me want to ask, if you were a songwriter which lyrics could you have seen yourself scribbling into a notebook at a time of romantic triumph or of defeat? The following are my top five songs of meaning for 2012, some current, some classics. I hope you’ll share yours as well in the comments section 😉

Glad You Came – The Wanted 

“The sun goes down, the stars come out and all that counts is here and now…”

Breathe Me – Sia 

“Hurt myself again today, and the worst part is there’s no one else to blame…”

Wide Awake – Katy Perry

“Yeah, I am born again,out of the lion’s den, I don’t have to pretend. And it’s too late, the story’s over now, the end…”

Don’t Wake Me Up – Chris Brown

“If I wake and you’re still here, give me a kiss. I wasn’t finished dreaming about your lips…”

The Only Exception – Paramore

“And I’ve always lived like this
keeping a comfortable distance.
And up until now I’ve sworn to myself
that I’m content with loneliness.
Because none of it was ever worth the risk.
Well you are the only exception…”

– LJ


After All is Said and Done August 17, 2012

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I’ve logged on to this site many times since my last post with every intention of writing something insightful… and every time I do, my heart stops. This blog is about marriage, which is about relationships, which is about love, and if you know me well, you know love and I have had our issues since I started this blog. Actually “issues” is an understatement. We’ve been in the middle of a war. Yes, war is much more appropriate a word.

I suit up (in warm PJs that love me as much as I love them), I gear up (with a cold glass of white wine that makes me feel spright) and I ferociously type the password to my battle. And when I scroll back to my first ever entry, I think…

Oh sweetie, if you only knew how much life would change over the next few years you wouldn’t look so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

Yep, it’s been almost three years since I first posted about my ideas surrounding marriage, and where I now stand may be more complicated than when I began.

Don’t jump the gun with your assumptions; I’m not yet married, nor am I engaged. I’m hardly treading the waters of relationship territory. Ironically, I’ve spent the last few years being more single than I have since I was 13. Yes, you read that correctly: I spent nearly 15 years of my life holding a boyfriend’s hand. And what’s ironic about that statement is that it seems to imply I’m the codependent type. I’m not. On the contrary, I’m the most independent version of myself when I’m in a relationship. Maybe it’s because that’s when I feel most safe, when I can finally exhale and feel like some part of my life is in check and I can just be me. Maybe it’s because I love the feeling of loving someone. Or maybe it’s a combination of both things mixed with the fact that I am female and by nature I have to act girly once in a while (it’s in my contract with God.)

Now I’m sitting here, watching the cursor blink in a way that shouts: It’s time for you to write again, darn it! But what is there to write about? I don’t have any weddings to attend in the near future, I don’t have a conclusive answer for how I feel about marriage and love… but maybe that’s the point. Maybe the point is to make this blog more about my journey instead of guessing what the last post ever will be… because what would be the fun in that?

So there we have it… Going forward, this blog will be about relationships – those from my past, those of my friends, and family… It will be about random thoughts, conversations or reveals of concrete facts I find on the all-knowing interwebs. And maybe, just maybe, it will be the blueprint for that book/memoir/screenplay I’ve been trying to write. Whatever it becomes, I hope y’all are interested in following the journey…so let’s chat 😉


Floridian Bliss- aka Marjorie’s Wedding October 18, 2010

It always amazes me how time can be so easily manipulated. It feels as if Marjorie and Erick were engaged only months ago, as if we helped Marjorie pick out her dress only weeks ago, as if we drank ourselves silly only days ago at her bachelorette  party. But alas! This is not true. The year long process ended the weekend of October 1st, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, during the final leg of an intense journey.

What would have been a week long trip for Melissa and I, turned out to be a strict Friday-Sunday stay because of our job obligations. All was running smoothly until I received an email from Continental on Thursday saying mine and Melissa’s flight for Friday had been cancelled.  We’d been rebooked on an evening flight which would mean we’d miss the rehearsal and the dinner, and possibly THE ENTIRE WEDDING!

I was about to freak out, open a window of my 43rd floor office and scream to the heavens, but my coworkers calmed me down. I sat on hold with the airline for 45 minutes before finally having the chance to speak to an agent. Poor Lily, she never saw my maniac monologue coming. In one breath I said “MynameisLaurenRivera.Iwassupposedtobeonthe930amflighttoFortLauderdaleanditgotcancelledandI’mmaidofhonorandI
After suggesting I pop some Xanax, Lily went to work and 15 minutes later, Melissa and I were re-booked onto a 650am flight. We might not be sleeping much, but at least we would make it.

Zombified, Melissa and I made our way to Newark adorned with our carryon bags and our bridesmaid dresses. Suddenly, flying with the dresses seemed incredibly stupid. There was nowhere to hang them and so up into the overhead they went. I didn’t have the brainpower to worry about what they’d look like when we landed.

Hurricane Nicole had just blown through Florida and her reminants were dispersing, making way for the bright and beautiful sun. The rays beckoned me poolside even though I should have been catching a short snooze. A few hours later, slightly tanned and flanked on each side by my mom and Melissa, I entered the church. We were greeted by Marjorie, our fearless, gorgeous leader and ran through the motions of the ceremony. Afterward, I was entirely paranoid that it would be me who would somehow manage to screw this whole thing up.

We quickly made our way to Bimini Boatyard where we were joined by a large group of the bride and groom’s families. My mother, Melissa and I made use of the marina setting by pretending we owned each yacht as part of our Billionaire Girls Club.

Glasses of wine were poured, childhood stories were told and laughs were had. All the “kids” (everyone under 40) planned to head out to the Fort Lauderdale club area afterward. Melissa and I made the wise choice of banking our party hours for the following day and called it a night. To hell with being young and fun, we had beauty sleep to catch!

The next morning I awoke first at 745am to commence the preparation process. Showered and packed, my trio left Pembroke Pines feeling as if we’d hardly set foot there and headed back to Fort Lauderdale. Arriving at the Hyatt by 930am, Melissa and I rushed down to the hair and makeup room while my mom checked in. The scene appeared less like wedding prep and more like behind the scenes of Next Top Model. Beauty stations filled the small ballroom and hair and makeup artists were diligently working on their customers. I asked for a natural looking face and pretty ponytail then let those with masterful hands take the reigns. When all was said and beautified, I felt runway ready.

Knowing we would soon be swept up in wedding day madness, Melissa and I took a seat at the hotel’s bar and grabbed a quick lunch. Erick swung by to say hello before finding a room to park his belongings. He was the total opposite of Marjorie; stressed. Whereas she had an air of complete calm, he walked around with a sense of urgency. If I ever get married, I hope to handle the ordeal like Marjorie…but I’ll probably be like Erick.

At 1230pm we reported to Marjorie’s hotel room where she was posing for photographers. Lorie, her drill sergeant of a wedding planner, ran about with a quickness, pulling pins and blotting tissues out of thin air. I stepped aside for fear of derailing her and causing World War 3. When Marjorie slipped into her dress, I spent a few moments frozen in time. It wasn’t just that she looked gorgeous, but also a confirmation that this was all really happening. My best friend was getting married.

Grouped together like a small procession, we all made our way to the hotel’s lobby where the limo awaited us along with Majorie’s parents and Liliana, Erick’s niece who was acting as flower girl. Incredibly calm and sweet, Lilana, in her little white dress, was lost among the cloud of purple. I grabbed her hand and guided her into the limo. Crammed together, all eight of us slid with the turns and popped out of our seats with the bumps as we made our way to the church.

Once inside, all the bridesmaids created a line of defense to insure no one saw Marjorie in her dress before coming down the aisle. The church might in fact crumble if one glance was stolen. With our mission accomplished, Marjorie safely hidden in a cubby corner, we lined up for the procession down the aisle. Amazingly, I didn’t walk too quickly or fall as I made my way to the altar. Melissa, Oscar and Fernando joined me before we turned to watch Marjorie make her grand entrance. And grand it was! She had somehow managed to look even more stunning than she did 5 minutes before. I felt my eyes tear up just a bit, but she didn’t look the least bit phased. Marjorie and her sense of calm, always present.

Erick, the handsome and happy groom, accepted his wife to be and so began the ceremony. During said ceremony I: 1) Nearly laughed out loud several times not because anything was actually funny, but because I knew I absolutely should not laugh and so, of course, I couldn’t think of anything but laughing. 2) When the priest stood to deliver Communion, Melissa and I slapped our hands against our hearts (a sign that we are not practicing Catholics and were skipping Communion) so quickly and in perfect unison, that Fernando and Oscar had to hold back their own laughter from across the altar. 3) Ran after Marjorie every time she moved away from her post so I could fix her train.

It was an intense 60 minutes.

And then it was over and they were officially husband and wife.

Whereas everyone else got to cut out, head back to the hotel and lounge, the wedding party had to go on a photo taking adventure. In the hot Floridian sun, we made our way through courtyards, parks and the middle of traffic heavy streets. All the while, I held tight to Liliana’s hand. Although her father, Oscar, was with us I had taken a very special liking to her and deemed myself her babysitter. Her soft-spoken mannerisms and angelic smile had me fall in love instantaneously and when several people mistook me for her mother, I was honored. Children like Liliana are rare. But, while I’m usually the person who says time and time again that I may never feel the urge to have my own kids, it’s children like her that make me feel something entirely different. Some deeply buried maternal instinct roars its way through me and I have to get my bearings before I go off the deep end and starting planning for a child I’m nowhere near having.

Several hundred beautiful photos later, we returned to the hotel and joined everyone for the cocktail hour. I bum-rushed the bar and downed 3 Grey Goose with a splash of cranberry cocktails within 20 minutes. I wasn’t trying to set a record, I was just thirsty. Soon enough I was intoxicated, as was Melissa and we made our way to the bathroom, but not before stopping to play a grand piano in the foyer of the hall. I have no business playing a piano…but I did it anyway.

Buzzed, jolly and excited, we made our entrances into the ballroom and the evening activities officially began. We danced, everyone but myself ate, and soon enough it was time for the Best Man and Maid of Honor speeches. My intoxicated fuzz had me believing it was possible my heart might literally jump out of my chest and run for the hills. Nervous was an understatement. I’d spent a week preparing this speech; had my coworkers give me notes and my “life coach” give me his most honest opinion. Overall, it passed everyone’s judgement with good grace… but I was still scared.

I followed Oscar up to Marjorie and Erick’s table, folded paper with scribbled notes dug deep in my palm. Oscar winged it, and at the end, challenged me to give a better toast. I was less concerned with having a better speech and more concerned with simply surviving this. That’s the thing about being a writer: everyone expects you to write, preferably, something amazing. With that burden on my shoulders, I grabbed the mic, made a joke about actually needing a piece of paper because I had a lot more to say than Oscar, and when that got laughs, I began to relax. Below is the video of both mine and Oscar’s speeches, mine starts  at 1:49 although you should totally watch Oscar’s as well 🙂

Dance videos!

After the speech, I was approached by several people who made it a point of telling me how great the speech was. Yet another mission accomplished. I was now free to fully enjoy myself, but not before trooping back over to our hotel room to grab flip flops for my mom, Melissa and I. I offered to go alone because I felt one of my moments coming on. By the time I made it to the room, I desperately needed fresh air. I opened the balcony sliding door and plopped down on the concrete floor. The ocean was smooth underneath the bright moon before me. I was suddenly reminded of my break down at Pablo’s wedding just months before. The difference between the two evenings? I was now even farther away from the possibility of my own nuptials considering I was no longer in a relationship. I remember staring down at my hands and my unadorned left ring finger. Marjorie and Erick’s story, how they’ve known each other since childhood, but came together as adults, is the kind of story I’d probably end up writing a script for one day. And there are a ton of other romantic plot lines I’ll piece together as well. But when I’ll actually start believing in them? That is still yet to be determined…If ever.

I shook my drunken head back to reality, wiped away the small tears that had formed at the corner of my eyes and remembered that I was supposed to be doing something… HAVING FUN! And like a switch, fun Lauren was back. She returned to the reception and to the dance floor. She met a group of wedding attenders and headed to the beach at midnight. She swam, yet again, in darkened waters and then had a slice of pizza to toast her survival. She returned to the hotel and joined everyone for a 2am dip in the pool and hot tub. She laughed. And for what it’s worth, she gave not another thought to her own bullshit and instead enjoyed the happiness emitted from those around her.


Maid of Horrible September 13, 2010

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I’m not cut out for this.

Somewhere between the time I said “Sure!” to these Maid of Honor requests, and today, my life was… normal. Or at least, as normal as it could be. I had the kind of job that blessed me with a reliable social life, I was in a relationship and my family life was semi-stable. All at once that changed.

My mom went into a series of hospital visits. My three year long relationship ended. And I started my career. Not a new job, but a career. And for those of you that don’t follow my regular blog I didn’t exactly start a life long journey in something 9-5ish. I jumped head first into the entertainment industry. I became an associate field producer for an Emmy award winning daytime TV talk show. This formula created something completely chaotic that changed who I was and who my friends and family had known me to be.

I became the biggest flake.

Not exactly a good thing when you’re maid of honor for two upcoming weddings. There are restaurants to book, favors to find and dresses to have altered. When the change came I suddenly, and whole heartedly,  sucked. At all of it. Like very badly sucked. The bride of the October wedding lucked out in the fact that she picked an awesome Matron of Honor who stepped up and pretty much handled everything on her own. And me? I sat aside with absolutely no time to contribute to the cause and instead wrote checks as my sole contribution. It makes me feel pretty shitty. But this is my life now. And ironically this does in some way connect to my future with marriage… or without it.

I’ve come to know several women in the production business and 85% of them are in their 30s or 40s without a husband or children. They love their careers and maybe it’s been their priority to keep their lives outside of work conducive to the craziness that is this business. In only four weeks I’ve learned that scale of balance is a constant slippery slope. Prior to joining this world my interaction with the idea of marriage was based solely on my own inhibitions. Now I’ve gone and thrown something completely extra into the mix. What’s more important? Living a life that makes me reliable and allows me the time to foster relationships while having me bored out of my mind with 8 hours of every day that passes me by, or enjoying what I do for a living and being given the satisfaction that my hard work actually means something to me, but losing a grip on pretty much everything else? How do you choose? How do you mesh?

Maybe this is early speak. Maybe by the time next April comes and the weddings have all wrapped up I’ll have figured it out. Or maybe I’ll just be further away from a planned future than I am now. Maybe I’ll have found a way to settle down for good. Or maybe I’ll go weeks without sleep and recover on Caribbean islands (when I can afford it) before returning to the grind.  Maybe nothing will be much different than it is right now.

Regardless of where I end up I hope those who I have let down know that I have not done so with ill intentions. That I love them for being my friends, but that I hope they understand this is what I need to do. Right now, and maybe for always. Because what light can I bring to other’s worlds if mine is filled with glumness?


From unGirly to Girly in 24 Hours June 8, 2010

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Often my life is ironic. So ironic, in fact, that I begin to wonder if it’s all part of some master plan created by the gods of irony and non-coincidence. Case in point: This weekend I spent an entire day on the set of my company’s latest web production where I play a character named Maddie; she’s a tomboyish female struggling to get her femininity in order by obtaining girl friends. The very next day I had to attend a girl date with FMC and the rest of her bridal party. In essence, a bunch of girls together to discuss a wedding = Maddie’s worst nightmare.

Luckily, I am not my character.

While I’d admit to not being terribly enthralled by the idea of trying on bridesmaids dresses yet again, I was happy to spend time with FMC. She has chosen me as Maid of Honor for her April ’11 wedding, but with our crazy schedules we haven’t had much time to catch up. So I now had two reasons to be motivated: spending time with her…and drinking heavily.

While FMC does many things well (she’s an awesome photographer), it’s her choice of restaurants that never proves her wrong. This time around she chose Agozar, a Cuban restaurant in the LES. I greeted her with a warm hug and she was quick to mention the unlimited sangria was only available for another hour. (I’m going to use that as my excuse for drinking more than 5 glasses within that allotted time period: peer pressure.) During our time there we laughed, gabbed, and received bridal party gifts (yummy tank tops and candles) complete with a newsletter welcoming us to the experience and alerting us of important dates. Internally I had this moment of questioning: should I have helped with this? That might be the first moment between being chosen as Maid of Honor for both FHM and FMC’s weddings that I realized I don’t really know what the hell I should be doing. Nor have I had the time to really sit down and think about it. I made a silent vow to up my participation in such matters…and then downed another glass of the red stuff.

After several photo ops and a shot of Patron (why!), we headed to David’s Bridal on 6th Avenue. The weather was balmy and threatened to rain so we split up and jumped into cabs. I had to ride shotgun as FMC, Haizel and Tara rode in the backseat. I think I figured out I was drunk when I couldn’t get over the fact that I had trouble remembering who sang a song called “Back in the Days.” Either that, or when I decided I knew NYC better than the cab driver and was trying to direct him. I’m sure he couldn’t wait to throw us out of the cab.

At David’s Bridal we were no better. Retrospectively, I realize we were that group of drunk, obnoxious girls that enters a bridal store with only one thing in mind: act like idiots. I’m a little hazy with remembering the exact course of events, but what I do remember is trying on several dresses we had no intention of buying (Maali and Trance arguing over a particular red one), sharing a dressing room with the other 3 females in the party and choreographing a Tina Turner style dance segment for the whole store to see. Wait, what? Yeah. We did that.

Sometime later we got into serious mode (maybe FMC smacked us upside the head and I just don’t remember) and tried on a two piece set in a pinkish color. What I’ve learned after two dress fittings is that it’s a BITCH to coordinate a style that compliments everyone in your wedding party. Someone is short, someone is tall, someone has wide hips, someone has no hips, someone is super tan or super pale. You can’t win. Although I was pleasantly surprised by the top of the outfit, I wasn’t very excited about the bottom. But, in the end it’s like I’ve said in the past: it’s not about me. I openly and happily relinquish control to the bride.

After the dress hoopla I started to not feel so well. I opted out of seeing Sex and the City 2 because there is only so much girly stuff I can take in one day, and headed home. By 8pm I was on the couch with my boyfriend watching the intro for the MTV awards and we had this conversation:

Me: Babe, I don’t feel so great.
Him: Sweets, I think it’s called a hangover-
Me: (cutting him off) Wow, I totally tried on a dress that would have been perfect for this red carpet!
Him: What?
Me: (cutting him off again) Shh! You wouldn’t understand. You’re a boy!
Him with a look of “whatever” on his face.

Check out pics here:http://public.fotki.com/ElleJRivera/limited-brunch-album/


Marriage: Is it just a word? April 23, 2010

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A wise man once said to me, “Marriage is what you make of it. Maybe you’re in love, maybe you’re just undergoing a business transaction. You and I could get married for health and tax benefits. Simple as that.”

No, this wasn’t Mr. Wise Man’s way of proposing to me. He’s a gay man. In fact, Mr. Wise Man wasn’t even aware of the light he’d just shone in my eyes. (Evident from how he easily returned to his salmon platter.) I blinked. And then returned to my own Greek salad to mull it over.

The idea and purpose of marriages has changed drastically over the last 60 years. Just ask my 85 year old grandmother who (after I turned 21) wondered if every guy I dated would turn out to be my husband. After seven years of perking her ears like a happy puppy only to be told there were no marriage treats in my shopping bag, she finally let up. I hate to let her down but I just don’t feel the pressure. I don’t have the need to settle down for a life long commitment simply because so many around me seem to be. Which lead me to my next question: Why did they chose to get married?

I’ve heard several answers over the years. They were not all rosy and cushy as one might hope.

“Because we’ve been together for ten years and…it’s just time.”
“Because they give me what I need.”
“Because I want to plan the rest of my life with someone.”

With each of these I scrunched my nose like I’d just smelled something terrible. These answers were so…functional. Like a simple means to an end. The irony? The more answers I heard that left a bad taste in my mouth, the more I began to realize what it would take for me to ever consider marriage: the complete opposite.

IF I ever get married it will be because I want to share something with this person that I don’t plan to share with anyone else for the rest of my life. I want to know, without a doubt, that I could never love anyone the way I love them. I want to be sure that they can have my back as well as I can have theirs (emotionally, financially, etc.) I want to know that if I ever decide to have kids, they are capable of helping to raise the children every step of the way. And most of all I want to know that I WANT it, more than I’ve ever wanted anything.

But hey…that’s just my opinion. I leave you with a clip from the movie “Shall We Dance” where Susan Sarandon explains why she thinks people get married (thanks for this Sandra!)


Guest Blogger: Rosanna Hardin March 23, 2010

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Note from me: Rosanna from MyWeddingWorkbook.com reached out and let me know she was loving my blog. We then decided to do a cross guest blog experience. Below is her blog on notes for a Maid of Honor and my blog on her site can be found here:http://www.myweddingworkbook.com/blog/index.cfm/2010/3/22/10-tips-for-shopping-for-bridesmaids-dresses–a-guest-blog-by-Lauren-J-Rivera Enjoy!

Before you say “yes” to being Maid of Honor

With most engagements lasting 12-18 months, there’s much more to being MOH than just showing up on the day of the wedding. For your (and the bride’s) sake, consider whether you can realistically balance the responsibility of being MOH with your own busy day-to-day schedule. Take a look at the tasks below; chances are you’ll be asked to help out with at least a few of them.

Prior to the wedding
• Listen
You will be the bride’s shoulder to lean on throughout the engagement period. Wedding planning is often as stressful as it is exciting, so be prepared to do a lot of listening!

• Checking out wedding venues
The bride will probably want your input on possible wedding venues. Be her voice of reason and ask questions like: Can this venue hold all of your guests? Is there enough parking?

• Pick out wedding invitations
Some brides will take their fiancé invitation shopping, but others will want you to go. Help out by searching for invitations that correlate with her theme.

• Ordering/choosing decorations and favors
Again, consider the theme of the wedding. If you’re responsible for ordering, it’s imperative that everything be delivered on time!

• Wedding Dress Selection
Most brides take their MOH dress shopping. It’s fun, but can be tricky for the MOH. Be honest when giving your opinion, but remember that ultimately it’s her wedding.

• Help register for gifts
Again, the bride may take her fiancé, but if she requests you to come, try to make sure you’re selecting things based on her taste.

• Organize seating arrangements
Seating arrangements can be very time consuming, but you can offer lots of help. Chances are, you know a lot of the people that will be at the wedding, so you can recommend great arrangements.

• Plan and host the bridal shower
Usually, you will organize this with the rest of the bridesmaids.

• Plan and host the bachelorette party
Again, duties can be divided up among bridesmaids.

• Keep the other bridesmaids organized
Make sure everyone is on time and doing their part.

Day of the wedding
• Assist the bride with her dress, hair, makeup etc.
• Serve as a messenger between bride, family and groom
• Witness the signing of the marriage license
• Help with the dress, veil, train and bouquet
• Hold the groom’s ring
• Give a toast at the reception/rehearsal dinner

It’s a big responsibility, but it’s also a wonderful honor. Most of all, remember to have fun and enjoy this exciting time with a close friend!

Rosanna Hardin is a writer for My Wedding Workbook, the online wedding planner software for do-it yourself brides, and My Wedding Workbook Pro, the premier wedding planning software for wedding professionals.


Visual Mayhem- EWBM’s 1st Vlog March 22, 2010

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Below is a video compilation from my time in Florida with FMH and her bridal crew. Travels through Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise and Orlando resulted in a mixture of laughs, good times and a surprising tear or two. Check it!


Bristol Palin’s Fake Wedding March 17, 2010

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While this has nothing to do with my blog, I thought it would be fun to post anyway. Xtranormal.com is a website that allows you to create cartoons based on scripts you put together yourself. You’re only given a small amount of characters to chose from unless you want to buy their packages/stages/etc. One of the options were Sarah Palin and Larry King. I’ll tell you first hand, I’m not a comedy writer. So, if you watch this, just take it as me putting together something entirely silly. Enjoy 🙂